Watch Analysis

Scientific Watch Analysis

A wrist watch shows more than just time. The size, colour and material of the dial, the strap, shape etc of a watch talks a lot about the person and his relationship with others. Curious to know more? Kavita is one of the few wrist watch therapists in Surat who can guide you to get benefits from time. She can figure out the personality of a person just by looking at the kind of wrist watch the person is wearing. Through wristwatch therapy, she suggests changes in wrist watch to overcome problems and help find solutions to lead a balanced life.

Do you know that the wrist watch you wear shows more than just time?
Yes, the wrist watch depicts a lot about the personality traits and behaviour of a person. And a wrist watch therapy has the power to change your destiny.

Wrist watch analyst expert, Kavita B Pasari offers systematic understanding about wrist watch based on astrology, its effect on the wearer and how to improve your life and relationships based on wrist watch therapy.